About Altro Mondo

Since its inauguration in May of 2010, Altro Mondo has sought to exhibit contemporary art from the Philippines and abroad. Known for having brought big names in the global art scene to local soil, the gallery is also steadfast in its promotion of young, emerging artists along with the commercially and critically renowned.

By virtue of the diversity and quality of its exhibitions, art-writing in print and online platforms, forums, projects, and events, Altro Mondo seeks to carve its niche at the intersection of critical, cultural exchange. In line with this, the gallery often partners with its compatriots in the industry, from independent curators to artist collectives, art platforms, institutions, writers, critics, fellow galleries and museums, and corporate entities. The gallery also participates in a number of local and international events, playing host to its choice of Filipino and foreign artists.

As of April 2012, Altro Mondo has partnered with The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, an establishment that serves as an alternative artspace. With The Picasso’s Art-in-House Program, Altro Mondo enables art in a context quite different from the typical white cube of a gallery. The Picasso’s facilities also allow for events that venture into other fields of creative practice.

Now on its third year and with exhibitions secured well into the next, Altro Mondo keeps a keen eye on the latest trends, developments, and movements in the industry. At the same time, it keeps both feet grounded in a critical, well-rounded appreciation of the arts. The intent, as always: to enliven art-making and promote its place in, and influence on, society.